About You – Who I Work With

I coach women who are sick and tired of hating their bodies, who want to boost their self confidence and feel beautiful at every size! They want to stop the war with the mirror and appreciate what nature has given them. They want to lose weight in a healthy way – one that involves loving their bodies instead of hating them. They want to love themselves with the cystic acne, wrinkles, love handles and more.

These women want to have a deeper appreciation for who they are and who they can become. They recognize that they don’t have to hate their bodies in order to change them and just because they want to change their bodies, doesn’t mean they hate their bodies. They want to feel empowered instead of debilitated by their body image at work, in social situations, and in the bedroom!

Do any of the following sound like you?

You wake up every morning wishing you were born in a different body. When you open your eyes and see that it’s the very same body you had when you went to sleep, you want to close your eyes and curl right back under the blankets. Forever.
Every time you see a commercial for a new diet pill or weight loss scheme you either want to smash your TV or are desperately pulling out your credit card to buy it.
You wish there was an aisle for “good body image” where you could buy some for yourself. Your self esteem is lower than the calories in the diet soda you had for lunch.
When people tell you that you have a nice personality, you cringe. You interpret that to mean that you don’t have a rocking hot body. So you give up trying, wearing Old Navy sweatpants and hoodies every day everywhere.


How do you figure out if we are a good fit to coach? 

  • You want to invest in your relationship with the most important person in your life – You!
  • You commit to changing your attitudes and beliefs about your body, even when it’s really, really hard and icky
  • You are passionate about becoming a better human being
  • You understand that any kind of change requires 10% action and 90% of a mindset shift
  • You’ve lived your life thinking about your body in one, hateful way and are now ready to start thinking about it in a new, healthy, positive way


If you identify with the scenarios above, and feel like we might be a good fit, check out About Us to see how we could work together to help you improve your body image and sky rocket your self esteem.