About Me


I walked through the Lawn at the University of Virginia in 2002 and saw that several young women were holding banners wearing T-shirts that read “Love your body week” and handing out free T-shirts. In a corner, some women were burning their skinny jeans and others encouraging them. 

My first reaction was “Why just a week?” – Shouldn’t it be love your body week every week? My second reaction was one of feeling left out because ironically the free T-shirts they were handing out only went up to an “L.” There was no room for an XL me in this wonderful, yet flawed feminist revolution. I then started researching the size acceptance movement online, delighted at first that there were others like me yearning to be a part of a community. I later realized that while it was fine to take back the word “fat” I wasn’t comfortable taking the extreme step the size acceptance movement demanded where my only identity would be as a person of size – because wasn’t that exactly what I had wished to escape my entire life? I had always wanted an identity that was formulated not in denial or acceptance of but beyond my size.

After graduation, I moved to NYC for my “dream” job in HR strategy consulting – only to find out a year and half later that sprinkling healthy living tips in employee newsletters just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to help people and I wanted to help them now. After a brief stint in real estate communications, I started volunteering for two organizations that ultimately led me to life coaching. I realized the potential for transformation in the life coaching process as I simultaneously witnessed and experienced it both as client and coach.

Once I was certified and ready to set up my practice, the natural niche that came to me was women who are struggling with their body image. I recalled my experiences in college where feminist groups were touting inclusion and acceptance for all – I wanted to offer that inclusion and acceptance to a wider range of people. In becoming a life coach advocating positive body image, I also wanted to face and surpass the challenge of being a heavy person with my own issues around this subject.

My philosophy is one of inclusion and acceptance – that everybody is entitled to love their body regardless of its shape, size, age, color, etc. It is only from a place of love and self-acceptance that we can find peace and the motivation to bring about healthy changes in our lives as far as food, movement, and body image are concerned.

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Spanish language and literature. I am a Certified Professional Coach who received training through Coaching for Transformation by the Leadership that Works, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I have also studied Career Coaching at New York University.

In addition to helping women with their body image, I also offer life coaching services related to:

-       Eating Disorders

-       Relationships

-       Major life transitions (job loss, death of a loved one, etc.)

-       Addictions (food, sex & love, alcohol, drugs, debting, underearning, etc.)

-       Mood disoders (bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.)

-       Health and Wellness

-       Career coaching (career change and exploration)

I also work well with a team of healthcare professionals – your existing team or the team I can help you build through my referrals: psychiatrist, therapist, nutritionist, personal trainer, personal chef, Eating Disorder Outpatient services, and more.

If my story, philosophy, and approach resonate with you, please feel free to Contact Me.