About Us – How We Work Together

 Wondering what it’s like to work with a life coach on your body image issues? This page shares with you the process I use to coach my clients, my guiding beliefs, the results my clients can expect to report back, and how I am different from other coaches.

Expected results

You wake up every morning grateful for the beautiful, functional body you have been given. When you open your eyes, you focus on what’s ahead for the day and think about how you can take care of yourself that day.
You laugh at the silly weight loss gimmicks you come across, knowing that you have the tools to achieve a healthy weight through appropriate nutrition and exercise.
 Your war with the mirror is over, and you know you have a healthy body image. You choose to treat yourself to your favorite foods every once in a while without having to punish yourself.
 Your self-esteem, confidence and sense of well being comes from within, not an external source. You strike a balance between comfort and fashion, taking pride in your physical appearance and yet not letting it be the sole source of your self-worth.


My Guiding Beliefs and Values – why I do what I do

I believe that loving your body is not optional. It’s the one body you’ve got and there’s no point spending a lifetime hating it. You can want to change things about your body (like lose weight, become wrinkle-free, etc.) WITHOUT hating your body; you can change from a place of love. In fact, chances are you will more successful at changing if you do it from a loving place. Change is 90% about mindset and 10% about action Each and every body is beautiful regardless of shape, size, color, etc. So, I want to make sure that my clients look at their bodies as sacred vessels that they protect and take care of rather than abuse and criticize. Finally, instead of redecorating your home, your body – redecorate your mind – your body image, the way you think about your body.


My Approach  

Together we will…

Explore the past: What has your relationship with your body been like, what messages did you receive growing up about body image, etc.

Examine the present: What is your current internal dialgoue regarding body image, who are your role models, what does your inner critic have to say about your body, etc.

Envision the future: What would you like your relationship with your body to be.

As a coach, I am flexible – I understand that different clients need different things. One person may be dealing with weight-related complications and another with body dysmorphia. One person might want to get treatment for acne or another wish to consider plastic surgery. I strive to accommodate the needs of all my clients, creating a customized coaching plan for each one.

I focus on teaching you the skills you need to improve your body image. Much as I love working with my clients, I want to make them self-reliant so that you don’t need me forever.

The one thing that sets me apart from other coaches doing similar work is that I have been through this myself so I know what it feels like to hate your body – and I also know what it feels like to go through the transition into loving your body. To read more about my story, check out About Me, if you haven’t already.

Commitments I make to my clients:

- Compassion: The foundation of any relationship, but especially the coaching relationship. I promise not to judge or criticize you or your behaviors.

- Confidentiality: What you share here, stays here. You have the security and peace of mind that your inner world stays protected in the safe space I create for you.

- Curiosity: If we meet our feelings and experiences with the curiosity of a child, we have the power to transform our human experience. I invite you to be curious.

- Clarity: Being fully present in the present moment allows us a clarity that builds deep awareness. I will help you stay grounded in the present moment.

- Comfort: Having worked hard to achieve harmony and balance during our sessions, you will finally tap into a sense of inner comfort.

Now that you know more about how I would work with you, please feel free to look at the Services I offer to see if something catches your eye.