Feng Shway Coaching – Redecorate your mind, love your body!

Why would you “redecorate your mind”?

I partner with my clients to help them redecorate their minds by identifying thoughts and belief systems that no longer serve them. I help my clients tap into their inner wisdom, access and use resources they didn’t know they had or simply did not trust. In the process, we create room for new, healthy behaviors and thought processes.We spend so much time and effort in the exterior world. I want to help my clients shift that focus to the interior – the mind. I help my clients make space to discover their true potential and achieve their goals.


About You


I coach women who are sick and tired of hating their bodies, who want to boost their self confidence and feel beautiful at every size! They want to stop the war with the mirror and appreciate what nature has given them. Read more about who I work with. 


About me


My philosophy is one of inclusion and acceptance – that everybody is entitled to love their body regardless of its shape, size, age, color, etc. It is only from a place of love and self-acceptance that we can find peace and the motivation to bring about healthy changes in our lives as far as food, movement, and body image are concerned. Read More 

                                                                                         About Us

Wondering what it’s like to work with a life coach on your body image issues? Read more to learn about the process I use to coach my clients, my guiding beliefs, the results my clients can expect to report back, and how I am different from other coaches.